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Team N.O.S.A.  and D&R sports

           Advanced hunter                                                                                  Male Hunter    
1st place Chris Kaukola 284 (8X)                                                      1st place Sal Garieri 221 (0X)      
2nd place Joe Dampier 266 (6X)                                                       2nd place Chris Wiseman 205 (2X)       
3rd place Shane Baker 239 (4X)                                                        3rd place Austin McWilliam 204 (3X)

           Female Hunter                                                                                    Adult traditional          
1st place Karen Baker 224 (2X)                                                         1st place Andrea Jacobsen 149 (0X)
2nd place Allison Parcels 217 (2X)                                                    2nd place Jerry Silen 94 (0X)
3rd place Jodie Curtola 189 (1X)                                                       3rd place Lisa Dampier 78 (0X)

      Youth traditional                                                                                     Junior Compund
1st place Katie Silen 98                                                                      1st place Shean Casey 213 (1X)
2nd place Conner Silen 66                                                               

         Cadet division                                                                                        Cub division
1st place Chanson Rollason 264 (2X)                                               1st place Alex Rollason 249 (2X)                    
2nd place Dylan Godfrey 232 (3X)                                                     2nd place Matthew Pogue 231 (2X)                
                                                                                                                3rd place Cameron Murray 226 (1X)

        PeeWee division                                                                                        Crossbow
1st place Matthew Marasco 32                                                         1st place Bryanna Baker 216 (2X)


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